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Karin Kawamoto has worked in interactive media since the mid-90's, including time as Director of Information Architecture at Ogilvy Interactive and The Wonderfactory. She has worked on close to 60 brands across almost every vertical (Aflac, American Express, Pfizer, Unilever, Morgan Stanley, Staples, Cole Haan...), if you speak advertising and branding language. 

Karin also spent her early 20's doing theater and traveling the world in the International Tour of the Broadway musical A Chorus Line, playing Connie Wong. She has played some of the largest theaters in the world, including the Hollywood Bowl, Frankfurt's Alte Oper, and the piazza in Venice, Italy that Pink Floyd almost destroyed a week later in an ear-splitting concert.


It is this unique combination of skills that Karin brings to these design projects.

Karin believes that most simple sites for actors, artists, and small companies should be easy to maintain. When actors spend too much for great design, they often cannot afford to maintain the site. Many companies simply do not want to. 

So the model is simple:


Design a site to enhance a client's brand, then teach the client how to maintain it. 

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